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Certified Medical Billing and Coding Services in Texas.

Leverage our 20 years of experience of providing certified medical billing and coding services in Texas to boost your practice’s revenue while you focus on patient care.
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    MedixPay HealthcareSolutions

    Medical Billing

    Certified medical billing and coding services in Texas for consistent and optimized revenues

    Credentialing Services

    Tap into the insurer network and get maximum reimbursements


    Healthcare RCM services in TX catering to the integrity of your revenue and time
    Medical coding

    Medical Coding

    Accurately coded medical transcripts using certified medical billing and coding services with negligible denials

    Why ChooseMedixPay?

    Choose MedixPay for expert solutions, advanced tech, and personalized service. Streamline
    operations, boost revenue, and enhance patient care with us.
    The team of certified medical billing and coding services provider in Texas built over 20 years utilizes optimum practices to streamline your finances.
    With our proven, innovative and automated techniques we provide faster and accurate data processing to get your reimbursements.
    Utilizing well-crafted processes that meet the needs of your healthcare establishments ensuring steady revenues for all sizes of practice.
    The strategies of transparent reporting keep you updated with the protocols of medical billing services while keeping your data encrypted at all costs.


    Maximize efficiency and revenue across all specialties with our tailored solutions.

    Primary Care


    Mental Health



    Urgent Care


    Behavioral Health

    Certified Medical Billing & Coding Services in Texas, US


    Holistic medical and billing services in TX curated according to the unique aspects of your healthcare facilities.

    Health Revenue Cycle Management

    Covering every aspect of healthcare using certified medical billing and coding services for optimizing revenues.
    Healthcare RCM Services in TX
    Provider enrollment and credentialing services in TX, US

    Medical CredentialingServices

    Provider enrollment and credentialing services by ensuring HIPAA compliance and reimbursements.


    Billing specialists onboard to ensure accurate and compliant coding practices.
    Medical coding billing services in Texas US


    Our experts are available to guide you through the process, providing personalized recommendations and answering any questions you may have. We’ll take the time to understand your practice’s specific requirements, current challenges, and growth aspirations to recommend the best solution for you

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